I just learned that someone I knew died suddenly…He was only 38 years old…a husband and loving father of 2 very young children. about the same age that my mother was when she died.
At age 44, I was in a terrible car accident…my life was spared, but I never forgot how precious and very short life can be.
Today is my 59th birthday. I had a dream to live in a motorhome and travel across the country helping and supporting small business owners. At age 58, I started a brand new life doing just that…I am ‘living the dream’ as they say!
As I travel from place to place, meeting people all across this beautiful country, people tell me all the time how they’ve always wanted to do this or that. They talk about their dreams as if that’s all they are…just dreams…unattainable…

I find myself constantly saying, ‘What are you waiting for?’ ‘You know, you really can do anything you want, right?’

Sometimes they look at me and laugh, or say something like, ‘Well, maybe when I finish this, then maybe I can do that.’, or (insert other excuse or fear here).

Maybe my life’s purpose is to inspire people to live their dreams, no matter their age or their situation. It wasn’t long ago that I had lost everything…the grief and shame took over my life and I hit bottom. I was at a place where the only option was to figure out how to climb out of that hole that I was in and find gratitude for everything I had been through…yes, everything…

I realized that even the worst things that happened to me had actually turned out to be the best things that could have happened!

I realized that the key to happiness, and living the life of my dreams was gratitude…that’s when everything changed.

My two words for this year are Trust and Believe (the name of my motorhome!).

Believe in your dreams and Trust that everything will work out exactly the way it is supposed to..and don’t waste time trying to figure out how, because it will never happen the way you might think!

I will leave you with this challenge…

Find a calm, quiet place to spend a few hours writing down your dreams…think about what your perfect day might look like…every second, from the moment you open your eyes to the moment you fall asleep.

I did this once, and 2 weeks later I realized that something I had written in my perfect day was actually happening!

Anything is possible..anything!

If you Trust and Believe 🙂