Sue Brooke, Speaker

Sue Brooke is a Professional Speaker, Best Selling Author, Business and Marketing Consultant and Relationship Marketing and Networking Expert.

She is on the Marketing and Advocacy team at Alignable.

Sue’s Story

Sue moved to Sonoma County after meeting a sister through Ancestry DNA!
She shares how she built a tribe of Raving Fans in just a few short months, after moving to a new community, and how she builds her businesses purely by building relationships.
Sue is a serial entrepreneur who brings a plethora of valuable knowledge and resources from 30+ years of starting and growing businesses and coaching business owners.
She has mastered the art of networking and building relationships, and educating business owners, and sales and customer service professionals on how to attract their most profitable customers, turn them into Raving Fans, and have them knocking down their doors with referrals!

“Most influential speaker I’ve ever met! I’m now following her to advance my career objectives! “

McKinley J

My Best Business Mistake Podcast

My Best Business Mistake Podcast

My Best Business Mistake, where each week we will learn from a real small business owner who took what appeared to be a disastrous failure and turned it into an amazing opportunity making it the BEST Business Mistake they could have ever made!  Hosted by Sue Brooke and powered by Alignable, the social referral network – where more than 6 million small business owners feel at home.

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