If you are looking for a positive, motivational, and engaging speaker who has inspirational stories to tell, along with valuable content in a variety of topics from business to personal development, then Sue Brooke is the perfect choice!


Sue Brooke moved to Sonoma County after meeting a sister through Ancestry DNA! As an introvert herself, Sue created a fun, easy networking and follow-up system that helped her build a tribe of Raving Fans in just a few short months after moving to a new community. She now gets new business and referrals consistently, and builds her businesses purely by building relationships.


Surround yourself with like-minded people who want to help you grow, as much as they do!

Build Relationships! We’re all in this together…Now is the best time to get to know each other and learn about our businesses.

We all have valuable knowledge and experiences to share. It’s so important to band together and help each other.

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