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I Can’t Take It Anymore!
I Can’t Take It Anymore!

I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I really can't stand seeing entrepreneurs struggling, small businesses going out of business after putting their heart and soul into their dream, and people working in jobs they hate. It doesn't have to be...


Life is so AWESOME! If you're in a place where you read that and said to yourself..."That's B.S.!", Trust me...I've been there...more times than I can say! I've been through some crap...I'm talkin'...real crap! But through it all, there have come some of the most...

It Feels Amazing When I’m Creating!
It Feels Amazing When I’m Creating!

Do you ever get in the "Zone" when you are creating something? The phone rings and you don't even care who it is, because you are on a roll! The creative juices are flowing... You feel the blood rushing through you and the...