At least that’s what they told me after they pulled me out of that mangled car with the Jaws of Life…
It was 16 years ago today that I got hit by a truck…in more ways than one…
I do love hearing the stories from the people who were there that day. It was a miraculous chain of events that have ultimately gifted me my story…my story that inspires not only me, but countless others, to live every single day with gratitude and grace. It has given me my purpose for being on this earth, and the reason I am passionate about helping and inspiring others who have been hit by their own ‘truck’, to see it as a blessing.
I truly believe that everything that happens to us ultimately becomes the best thing that could have happened. It is just the universe teaching us lessons and forcing us to stop for a minute, refocus, and open our eyes to the gift of ‘life’ and how that gift is ours to pass on to others.
Our stories and experiences overflow with lessons that teach us how to travel safely while on our ‘Roadtrip of Life‘. As we get older, we continue to gain more and more knowledge through the stories that unfold with each day that we wake up and take a breath.
Do you make it a point to share your ‘stories’ with others who can benefit from the lessons without going through the pain themselves?
Has anyone ever told you their story and it kept you from making a mistake, or going down the wrong path?
When you really think about it, we are filled with so much information, not from the schools we’ve attended, but from the daily experiences that move us along our path through this thing called ‘Life’. It is our own, individual, movie that we actually ‘live’. Wouldn’t it be boring to watch a movie that had no problems, and no ‘plot twists’?
If we all learn just one lesson from the ‘trucks’ that hit us, it’s that when it happens, we should get excited because it only means amazingly wonderful things are about to happen! But more importantly, it adds to our story and gives us more knowledge that we can share with others!
I’ve had more stories since this life-changing day that, in many ways, were even more painful than this one…but again, these stories of our lives continue to shape us…and make us who we are today.
If I knew back then what my life would look like today, I would have never believed it! The truth really is that everything that has happened in my life…the good, the bad, the ugly, has brought me here…living my dream!
Go out and enjoy your life…be grateful for everything that you have (and everything you don’t!) because it is all working out exactly the way it’s supposed to. ❤