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“Rock Star Speaker! I have seen Sue Brooke speak several times. Her content is amazing and spot on! Her enthusiasm and energy will keep you engaged. She speaks on a variety of different topics. Her personal story will have you believing anything is possible!” Dianne P.

Sue Brooke is a Professional Speaker, Best Selling Author, Small Business Marketing Strategist, and Relationship Marketing Expert. After surviving a car accident, and finding herself with a depleted bank account at the age of forty-four, Sue describes ‘being hit by a truck’ as the moment that changed her life forever. She believes through every adversity comes opportunities and gifts that could never be imagined otherwise.

She is a serial entrepreneur, having founded at least a dozen  successful businesses beginning with  a Ballroom Dance studio in a small town in Nebraska at the age of 22. After moving to California she continued her entrepreneurial ventures first with a music production company then moving on to a Tutoring and Educational Learning Center. The Tutoring center was started in her living room and she grew it to a 4600 square ft. Educational Learning center with 20 plus employees serving thousands of children over 18 years.

Sue Brooke

As a passionate advocate for anyone who may have lost their identity, she strives to empower and inspire them to live their passion, and never give up on their dreams, no matter how crazy they may seem!

“Sue shares her inspiring story of starting over after giving up her teaching career to manage her  former husband’s music career, finding herself with an empty bank account at age 44 after a difficult divorce, and while recovering from a horrific car accident.  Sue is entertaining and uses humor, as she takes her audience on what she calls her ‘Roadtrip of Life’.”

Sue LOVES Teaching and Inspiring a Variety of Audiences
Networking groups
Women’s groups
Aspiring Entrepreneurs
Business Leaders
Professional Groups
Corporate Events
Students (College, High School, Middle School, Elementary School)



Empowerment / Positivity
Leadership / Professional Development
Community / Team Building
Illumination through Adversity
Imagine the Possibilities! Thinking Bigger
The Power of Your Story…Your Story Matters WATCH HERE
Investing in Yourself – Self-Improvement to Success
Inspiration and Motivation – Live Your Dream!
Identity, Image & Impact
Making a Difference
Influential Leadership
Building a Team
Identifying Opportunities-The Key to Success!

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Sue is an expert in starting and growing businesses, developing leadership, finding opportunities and creating a community culture.

Your audience will experience a fun, interactive presentation that will not only motivate and inspire, but provide real information that is easily implementable and achievable!


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Social Media & Live Streaming Learn How To Use Online Resources To Grow Your Business.
Marketing Your Business How To Make Your Business Stand Out Above The Competition.
Starting Your Business “I Have A Great Idea, Now What?”
Finding Your Happiest Path To Ca$H
Turn Your Knowledge Into Money!
Become A Published Author & Amazon Best Seller…It’s Easy!
Finding your Target Market
Inventive Marketing-How to Make your Business Stand Out
Intention to Income – Mindset to Money

Networking Groups enjoy her training on ‘Finding Opportunities’, ‘Being Unique’ and  learning how to determine if an idea is truly a feasible opportunity.  She shares ideas and resources that leave her audiences wanting more!

In addition, she is available for full or half day interactive workshops, focusing on creating a one-of-a kind, unique brand, as well as outside the box marketing ideas.

Sue is passionate about speaking to Women’s groups.  She loves sharing her Inspirational stories and helping women who are ready to make a change in their life.  Sue’s ‘Discover Your I’ system for finding your Identity, Inspiration, Illumination, and Innovative Ideas provides a fun, inspiring day of discovery and imagination for new ideas and new possibilities!