Sue Brooke, Speaker

Inspiring ~ Educational ~ Entertaining

Who is Sue Brooke?

She is a Professional Speaker, Best Selling Author, Business and Marketing Strategist, and Relationship Marketing Expert.

She is a serial entrepreneur who brings a plethora of valuable knowledge and resources from 30+ years of starting and growing businesses and coaching business owners. She has mastered the art of building relationships and educating business owners, and sales and customer service professionals on how to attract their most profitable customers, turn them into Raving Fans, and have them knocking down their doors with referrals!

“If you are looking for a positive, motivational, and engaging speaker who has inspirational stories to tell, along with valuable content in a variety of topics from business to personal development, then Sue Brooke is the perfect choice!”

“Rock Star Speaker! Her enthusiasm and energy will keep you engaged. Her personal story will have you believing anything is possible!”

Sue is an expert in starting and growing businesses, developing leadership, finding opportunities and creating a community culture.

Your audience will experience a fun, interactive presentation that will not only motivate and inspire, but provide real information that is easily implementable and achievable!

Relationship Marketing


Sue moved to Sonoma County after meeting a sister through Ancestry DNA!
Sue shares how she built a tribe of Raving Fans in just a few short months after moving to a new community, and how she builds her businesses purely by building relationships.


Businesses spend so much valuable time, and money, trying to get new customers when it’s a lot easier (and way more cost effective) to just appreciate the ones they already have!


Don’t Ask for a Referral…Deserve it!

Topics for:



Breakout Sessions

  • Empowerment & Positivity
  • Professional Development
  • Community/Team Building
  • The Power of Your Story…Your Story Matters
  • Invest in Yourself: Self-Improvement to Success
  • Discover Your Identity, Image & Impact
  • Leadership & Company Culture
  • Identifying Opportunities
  • The Three Keys to Business Success
  • Social Media & Live Streaming
  • Learn How To Use Online Resources To Grow Your Business.
  • Starting Your Business “I Have A Great Idea, Now What?”
  • Finding Your Happiest Path To Ca$H
  • Turn Your Knowledge Into Money!
  • Become A Published Author & Amazon Best Seller…It’s Easy!
  • Finding your Target Market
  • Inventive Marketing-How to Make your Business Stand Out
  • Intention to Income – Mindset to Money

Other Topics for:

Business Owners


Networking Groups

Chambers of Commerce

Sue is also available for full or half day interactive workshops, focusing on creating a one-of-a kind, unique brand, as well as outside the box marketing ideas.

Sue is passionate about speaking to Women’s groups.  She loves sharing her Inspirational stories and helping women who are ready to make a change in their life.  Sue’s ‘Discover Your I’ system for finding your Identity, Inspiration, Illumination, and Innovative Ideas provides a fun, inspiring day of discovery and imagination for new ideas and new possibilities

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