Sue Brooke is a Professional Speaker, Best Selling Author, Small Business Marketing Strategist, and Relationship Marketing Expert.

She is a serial entrepreneur, having founded several successful businesses, beginning with a Ballroom Dance studio in a small town in Nebraska at the age of 22. After a devastating divorce and major car accident, leaving her with an empty bank account at age 44, Sue started a Tutoring business in her living room and quickly grew it into a successful After School Academic and Enrichment Center/Summer camp/Private School. She later sold that business to pursue her passion of inspiring and educating business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone with the desire to pursue their dreams, no matter how crazy they may seem!


Developing solid long term personal and professional relationships, built upon the art of showing appreciation and gratitude, is the ultimate key to creating Raving Fans for your business.,

We believe in the philosophy that showing appreciation in business and in our personal lives is a lost art form. We have found those that embrace this philosophy creates a mindset and daily living habits that foster a successful life both personally and in business.

We work with individuals and companies to develop appreciation and relationship marketing strategies and campaigns so their contact sphere, clients, and customers realize they not only know who they are, but that they are appreciated.


To your success!


“YES! Just had a coaching call with Sue Brooke. I won’t just tell it was awesome, I’ll explain why. Have you ever had a set of puzzle pieces but no picture so you could put it together? I thought I had a vision but now realize that’s only one of the pieces, along with the website, the resources, experience, training, etc. Sue sees The Big Picture. In just one session, Sue was able to take my pieces and beginning connecting them to possibilities I’d never even thought of. Just like putting a puzzle together needs a strategy, like sorting out the edge pieces, she had ideas for that too. I’m so grateful and now I can start putting the whole together instead of just collecting more and more pieces. With excitement and gratitude,

Barbara Allisen

aka ‘Mrs. A’

‘123 Kindergarten’

Sue is Awesomely Passionate about helping small business owners increase their success. I love her Spunk, Fast -Take Action Now approach and her Brainstorming.. I have had the opportunity to brainstorm with Sue regarding business ideas,,, she is really great at ‘Out of the Box’ ideas, which you really need in today’s market. I felt she truly wants me to succeed even more and is of pure heart..! Thank you for your Passion, Enthusiasm, Expertise and Go-Getter-Ness Sue..! You truly lead by Example..! You have a Natural gift and are Truly Making a difference..! Thank You…!


The Juicy Jar

“The value of having Sue to advise me on starting a business is PRICELESS! From her technical know-how, to her web-based business knowledge, branding ideas, finding domains, licensing requirements, etc, your business will be thriving before you know it! Sue clearly identifies, strategizes, and implements the most effective ways of running a successful business with all the right tools! With so many “things to do” in starting or opening a business, having Sue in your corner will eliminate the pain and stresses and get things rolling at record speed.



“Rock Star Speaker! I have seen Sue Brooke speak several times. Her content is amazing and spot on! Her enthusiasm and energy will keep you engaged. She speaks on a variety of different topics. Her personal story will have you believing anything is possible!”


Plaid Lizard Design

“It was a fabulous day! Sue…. Thank you for your all your generous efforts and sharing to help others. We all need newness and open-minded new directions. You never know what you’re going to hear from the person across the table that you never thought of before. Amazing day!


The Spice Lady

“Sue is probably one of THE MOST talented ladies I know who EXCELS in providing business leaders with info that can inspire and re-fire them in pursuing their goals! Just had an hour of her time and WOW!

Suzy fox

Glue Your Life Back to Better