Do you ever wake up and just feel so happy and grateful that you’re alive!
Have you ever really thought about all you’ve been through in your life? What you’ve learned? What you have? How you got to where you are now?

Have you ever wondered…”If things would have turned out differently, then….”?

Did something really ‘crappy’ happen in your life that, when you go back and think about it, it was actually the BEST thing that could have happened?

You know how sometimes the littlest thing can make a gigantic impact in your life?

Someone passed me this note on a napkin at a networking event one day that said “You have a story and it needs to be told!”

EVERYONE has a story, and it should be told…and…YES!  It’s important!  YOU are important!  You never know whose life you might change through your unique story!

I have a challenge for you…Grab a notebook, or open up your computer and just start writing…don’t like to write? Record it and get it transcribed!  Write about your life, or something that you overcame, or write about something you know a lot about…what inspires you? What are you grateful for?  If you can’t think of anything, just  start writing whatever pops into your head…I promise,  pretty soon you won’t be able to stop!

Writing is the most therapeutic thing you can do, especially when something is on your mind or you need to sort things out.  The hardest part is just starting…just do it…no excuses, eliminate distractions and those little voices in your head that say ‘I can’t’…just erase that horrible ‘C’ word out of your vocabulary!

Now…I want to hear from you!  I want to hear your story!  I’m looking for REAL stories from REAL people just like YOU to be featured in my Discover Your “I” Book Series! Whether you think your story is good enough or not (believe me, I can already tell you that it is!), please submit it below for a chance to get your story published FREE!*


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