There is NO ONE on this earth that has exactly the same skills, the same exact interests, the same passions, the same knowledge, the same life experiences, or the same personal interactions that YOU have!  NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON!

You are completely UNIQUE! There is no way anyone could re-create YOU!

All those puzzle pieces are intertwined and connected to create your AMAZING Life!

That amazing life that you’re living is an ever-evolving series of incredible STORIES…Some really great, happy stories and some not so great. But I would be willing to bet that those ‘not so great’ stories taught you lessons that you could never learn in school, right?

I bet right now you are thinking about one of your ‘Stories’ that taught you a mighty big lesson.  Have you ever told one of those stories to someone who was going through a similar experience? Did the lessons you learned help that person?

Have you ever written it down?  Documented it in some way? Have you ever wondered if that ‘story’ should be made into a book?

You’re thinking…What?  My story isn’t important or interesting enough. Why would anyone what to read about my story? Have you ever heard of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Book series?  The stories in those books are stories just like yours…real people, telling their personal stories.

Still don’t think you have a good enough ‘story’ to write a book? Those life experiences and knowledge that you’ve acquired over the years make you an EXPERT in something. Maybe you’re an expert DJ, or an expert at finding the best deals on Business Insurance. Maybe you’re an expert at baking cookies!

How do you know if you’re an expert? Just call yourself one! What makes YOU an EXPERT?

With all of that knowledge and expertise, and all of those life lessons you’ve learned, you have everything you need to become an INSTANT CELEBRITY!  Do you want to know how?

Author a book!

Don’t like to write, you say?  Guess what…there are ghost writers out there, and I’m pretty sure all of your phones have a recording app.  You can just record yourself and have it transcribed.

You think you need a publisher to publish a book…Nope!  You can publish it yourself!

You think it’s too expensive to publish a book…Nope! You can write a small, 96 page book yourself, or can be a contributing author in a book series…I’m looking for authors right now for my ‘Discover Your “I” Book Series’!

Did you know you can publish a book for FREE? EBooks are very popular and free to publish and sell on Amazon.  When I wasn’t sure what to write about, someone said….Just write about what you know! Check out my book I wrote and put on Amazon within a week called ‘How to Find the Right Tutoring Program for Your Child’.

Everyone has interests and skills and I’ll bet there’s someone out there that needs or wants the information that you already have. How many times have you read a book to learn something, or help you get through a difficult time? What do you think would happen to you or your business if you wrote a book on that expertise? Let’s say I needed a Plumber, for instance. Out of the long list of plumbers I had to choose from, if one of them actually wrote a book about plumbing, who do you think I would choose to fix my toilet?

I challenge you! Take some time to think about what you know about.  Think about a tough experience that you went through in your life that you overcame…what lesson did it teach you? How could your experience help, motivate, or inspire someone going through something similar?

Open up your mind to the possibilities! Do you have a business? Want to start a business? How much more credible do you think you will appear to potential clients if they knew you wrote a book on the subject? Most importantly…what would it do to your self-esteem?  How would it make you feel knowing that you wrote a book and helped someone at the same time?

The world needs to know about YOU, your stories and your expertise.

YOU ARE AMAZING! Remember!  You beat out roughly 600 Million Sperm to get here!