Everyone who shows up, and everything that happens in your life, serves a purpose.
Sometimes the purpose is obvious. It jumps right out in front of you and shows it’s face, right then and there.
You don’t have to wonder, you don’t have to think…you just ‘get it’.

Sometimes it’s not necessarily a ‘good’ thing…a car accident, a failure of some sort, a person who hurt you.
Or maybe it shows up as a sign…like a feeling in your gut.

Sometimes it’s not so obvious. Perhaps it takes a little while to figure out. Maybe it’s a combination of different circumstances that happened and you just can’t explain them.

How will you know? How will you discover the answers?

Be aware…pay attention…listen…
The universe will show you the answers.
Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow…
But the more you pay attention to your intuition, and the signs that appear in your life, the faster the cloud will be lifted, and the purpose will be revealed.