Do you know people who seem to always blame others for everything bad that has happened in their lives? They never take responsibility for anything!  I had someone blame me for quitting their job once, and being broke!

Now…I may have listened to this person for hours on end, bitching, moaning, and complaining about how horrible her boss was and how she should be paid more for doing less…and I may have suggested to that person that life is short and maybe she could start her own business or find a job she actually liked. I honestly don’t remember purposely inserting subliminal messages into my words to tell her to quit her job before making sure she had another source of income, but maybe I have some magical powers I wasn’t aware of?

Seriously…who really wants to be around someone who is never really happy? Someone who finds something wrong with everything and everybody?  Don’t you just love it when someone complains that they don’t feel good, or they have a headache, but they won’t take an aspirin or go to the doctor?  Don’t you just want to tell them to stop complaining and do something about it?

Take responsibility for your own decisions, for God’s sake! YOU are the only person in YOUR life who gets to decide what YOU do with it!

I’ve been in situations where I’ve blamed others, but ultimately I am the only one who determines how things are going to affect me, how much time I’m going to spend feeling crappy about it, and how long I’m going to let it take over the precious minutes of my life.

Next time something bad happens, you make the wrong decision or just screw up…Please don’t blame someone else.  Own your screw up, laugh at yourself, bop yourself on the head, and move on.  Most importantly, just be grateful for the experience and make sure you realize the lessons you learned and try not to make the same mistake twice!