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Focus on What You Do Best!

Focus On What You Do Best!

Most Entrepreneurs, especially those who work alone, don’t have the time, money, or resources to hire a dedicated marketing director, let alone actually do all the stuff they need to do and make it work!

With 30+ years of starting and growing businesses. I know first hand what it’s like to run a business with limited resources. I would love to provide you with my expertise, experience, and insights, and work with you to design a customized marketing strategy for your business AND actually handle a lot of the tasks that will bring your strategy to fruition!

What if You Had Someone Who Could Help You With Things Like:

-Creating Content

-Designing Marketing Materials

-Updating Your Website and Social Media

-Organizing and Uploading Your Contact Lists,

-Social Media Tasks

-All the ‘Techy’ stuff you don’t know how to do and don’t have time (or the desire) to learn?

-Or all the other things on your (very long) ‘To Do List’?

What if You Had Someone You Could Call On a Moment’s Notice, Who Can Also Create A Marketing Strategy To Go Along With All Those Pesky Tasks?

Get the Help You Need From a Business and Marketing Strategist

Who Has Been in Your Shoes!


You have a list a mile long
Some things include tasks like:
  • Update my website
  • Edit my book and figure out how to list it on Amazon
  • Create a flyer
  • Organize all of my contacts
  • Design Social Media graphics
You’re thinking…
‘I Need Help! I don’t know where to start!’
You’re on the verge of tears…You know you have to do it if you want your business to succeed, but it’s just too overwhelming…

I know exactly how you feel! This was me when I first started my business…

It’s in my heart to help entrepreneurs, especially those who work alone, to help take away the pain and stress over the little things that would make a huge difference in their business.

I have put together a plan that, I hope, will eliminate your stress, take away the ‘pain’, and give you the opportunity to do what you do best, and let someone else do the rest!

You will have an ‘on call’ assistant, who is also a business and marketing strategist, who you can run ideas by, and send a list of those pesky tasks that you just don’t have the time, or desire, to learn how to do….

AND…it’s completely customizable to what YOU need for YOUR individual business!

Sue Brooke

Let’s Put Together a Customized Plan that’s Right for YOU!*

Flexible, Customizable, No Contracts,

*Refer a friend, $50 off your next month!



  • Marketing, Advertising, Promotional Graphics
  • Marketing Materials (flyers, Social Media Post Graphics, Business Cards, etc.)
  • Book Covers
  • Thank you, Birthday, Sympanthy, Holiday Cards


  • Book Formatting, Proofreading, Editing
  • Setting Up Your Books on Amazon
  • Creating Powerpoints, Online Courses, etc.


  • Organizing and Uploading Your Contact Lists
  • Computer File Organization
  • Website Content Updating
  • Manipulating/Converting Files (Word Docs, PDFs, JPGs, Video, etc.)
  • Uploading Files/Videos to Website/Social Media
  • Setting Up An Email List And An Opt In Box on Your Website


  • Researching and Suggesting Best/Most Cost Effective Business Resources, Tools, Equipment, Travel, Etc.

What do YOU Need Help With?


Business Planning and Development

Branding Development

Defining Your Target Market

Finding the Right Business Name, Tag Line, Logo

Identifing Your Niche

Brainstorming New Business Ideas

Discovering Additional Income Streams

Finding JV/Affiliate Partners

Choosing The Right Tools and Resources

Determining The Best Social Media Platforms

Affiliate Marketing Training

How To Determine Which Domain Names You Should Own.

Basic Blog Training

How To Make Money Being An Affiliate Through Your Website

Creating Your Online Presence

Personal and Business Development