Since I sold my business that I started 18 years ago, I’ve been feeling a lot of stress, a sense of loss, and a little unsure of what my future looks like. I knew I needed a change of scenery, along with a nice long dose of ‘convertible therapy’, so I packed a suitcase, got in my car, and took off with no destination in mind!
Here’s my story…
I decided to leave everything to ‘chance’ and see where my little convertible VW Bug would take me, so I headed down the road. My poor little car was filthy, so I decided I needed to get it washed. I headed to my favorite car wash which took me west. As I was waiting for them to make it all clean and shiny for my road trip, I began looking up the weather forecast for the Pacific Coast Highway. I thought maybe it would be fun to drive up the coast to northern California.
Me: “OK Google, What is the weather like in Santa Barbara?”
Google : “The weather in Santa Barbara is cloudy and cool”
Me (thinking): hmmm, I would really like some sunshine…
Me: “OK Google, What is the weather like in Las Vegas?”
Google: “The weather in Las Vegas is 70 degrees and sunny.”
So I headed up the street, filled up with gas, and took off toward Las Vegas. As I started driving, my mind drifted to Palm Springs. I thought about my good friend who owns a condo there. I hadn’t seen her in a long time, so I called. She was so excited and said she would be there when I arrived and that I could stay at her condo as long as I wanted! So, I took a detour and arrived in Palm Springs a couple of hours later.
As soon as I arrived, she loaded me up into her car and off we went to a local casino for a lobster and crab legs buffet…yum!  After playing a little and pigging out on lobster, we headed back to her place. Suddenly, I got a notification on Facebook, and up popped a photo and post from my cousin from San Diego and her mom who, miraculously, just happened to be in Palm Springs for the weekend! I had wanted to see my aunt before she left to go back home to Colorado, so it worked out just perfectly.
After enjoying a wonderful massage the next morning, I met up with my cousin’s family for dinner and more gambling at the casino hotel where they were staying. We sat at the bar to play some video poker and after a few hands…Jackpot!! Royal Flush… $1,000! Woo hoo!
The next morning I woke up thinking about another lady from a business mastermind group I’m in, who lived in the area. I didn’t know her very well, but I sent her a quick message asking if she would like to meet up. She instantly messaged back, ‘Yes! I happen to be free today and have been thinking about you… Let’s do lunch!’.
After a few hours together, we  discovered that we had a lot of the same goals, ideas, and passions. We are going to be meeting again soon to brainstorm more ideas and we will definitely be working on some amazing projects together!
On my way back home, I had a huge smile on my face and found myself really noticing the beautiful scenery along my route. I began listening to a great audio book called ‘The Untethered Soul‘ recommended by Tony Robbins. It’s all about that pesky little voice in your head that is always telling you things that often stop you from doing what you love, puts you down, worries about insignificant things, and distracts you from doing what you really love. That little voice (your ‘roommate’, as the author describes) occupies your thoughts and is very good at talking you out of those things you really want to do. The truth is, it may be time to ‘evict’ that little voice, stop worrying, and start living your dreams!
I drove home that evening feeling relaxed, yet energized, with no stress, a clearer mind, a new friend and business associate, and so many ideas for my future. That negative little voice that was causing all the stress has already started packing and will be moved out by morning!