As we cruise along on our road trip of ‘Life’, it is inevitable that we will run into some bumps, forks in the road, washed out bridges, and dead ends, but it all makes for an exciting adventure!

Sometimes we allow someone else to dictate which road, or which direction, we take.  It’s OK to get someone else’s opinion, and it could be a good idea to test out a new route here and there, but just make sure it’s the route YOU really want to take.

Some of us get stuck on cruise control.  We go along in the same direction because it’s easy, comfortable, or we don’t want to deviate from the easy route.   Many of us set our GPS to a destination, but we forget to pay attention to our surroundings and we might miss a hidden path, or a new road that hasn’t yet been discovered.  We wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to take a side trip, or stop to see something amazing!  Take that windy road that your GPS doesn’t recognize Why not?  Are you in that big of a hurry to get to the end of the road?

As you’re going along on your life’s journey, the road map you’re following will be divided up into chapters, creating your story.  I’m sure we can all determine when one chapter of our life ended and a new one began…childhood, high school, college, job, marriage, kids, or a devastating event like an illness, divorce, or an accident.  Usually there is one major, life changing event which forces us to take a completely different route that we never planned for, sometimes bringing us to a screeching stop!  The key is to get back on the road and keep on moving forward.

The road we are travelling on could get washed out by a flood or blocked by a landslide, but turning onto the new road could take us to places more beautiful and exciting than we could ever imagine!

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