Dead End

As you’re cruising along on your ‘Road Trip of Life’, when you least expect it, you might hit a dead end.  Don’t worry!  It doesn’t mean your trip is over! Most people see dead ends as a negative thing…that they stupidly took the wrong road because they either didn’t look at the map, or they weren’t paying attention.  Maybe they got bad directions from someone, or maybe an unexpected tragedy took place that blocked the road for awhile

Hitting that dead end gives you options for your trip.  You can give up and just stop there, or you can turn around and find a new road.  If you really want to have fun, maybe you can get out of your car and explore a little bit!  You never know what you might discover!

I faced my first dead end when my marriage ended.  I had given up my career as a teacher, and made my dreams and my identity all about my husband and his music career. A few months later I was in a very bad car accident.  As I lay in the hospital bed, I thought I had no friends, because all of my friends were his friends.  I had no focus in my life anymore and I didn’t know what kind of future, if any, that I would have after my recovery.  Just when I thought I had nothing left to look forward to, I woke up to a room full of people!  People who I found out really cared about me.  That is the day that changed my life completely.  It took a while to get past the mental and physical pain, but I finally woke up from feeling sorry for myself and made the decision that my life was going to be about ME, and I was going to follow MY dreams!

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