It’s funny to look back at your life and think about what you wish you knew back then, and how much we want others to learn from our past experiences. The fact is, most people just need to experience it for themselves, and fall down a few times, before they actually ‘get it’!  I know that I’m a prime example.  I needed more than a slap in the face, apparently I needed to get hit by a truck…literally!

I have a friend, a young man, who is in a relationship with girl who has some major trust issues.  Believe me, she has absolutely nothing to worry about!  He is a very trustworthy, honorable, person who, I hate to say, is easily ‘stepped on’. I so want to tell him, that even though girls think they want that sweet guy who will bow down to their every whim, what they really desire is a real MAN.  OK, so I’m not saying they want an asshole who has control issues!  They really want a man who can make decisions, but isn’t afraid to express his opinions AND his emotions.

We want a man who will take care of us, but allow us to be ourselves.  He should be supportive of our dreams, but definitely have his own ambitions and would never give up his dreams for ours.

Women love romance, of course!  We love the roses and chocolates and all the ‘romantic’ things that come along with it.  We want to do things for our men, too. But great relationships are built on what happens day to day.  A very wise man who lost his wife after being married for over 50 years shared his secret for a great relationship.  He said that each person must have their own ‘thing’ going on, their own passions, their own friends and things they love. But, at the end of the day, you always come together and have dinner together, go on trips and go to bed together.

The secret?  Trust….Communication…Passion, and most importantly…LOVE…not only for each other, but for YOURSELF.