Relationship Marketing

It's All About Relationships!

Crock Pot Marketing!

Which would you rather eat food out of? A Microwave or a CrockPot?!

Building relationships takes time…Just like the delicious food we enjoy from the slow cooker, the relationships we take the time to nurture, are the ones that give us more joy and fulfillment. Developing solid long term personal and professional relationships, built upon the art of showing appreciation and gratitude, is the ultimate key to creating a satisfying, referral-based business.

I believe in the philosophy that showing appreciation in business and in our personal lives is a lost art form. I have found those that embrace this philosophy create a mindset, and daily living habits, that foster a successful life both personally and in business.

I work with individuals and companies to develop relationship marketing strategies and campaigns,  so their contacts and customers know they are appreciated.


The value of your business is directly related to the size, and quality, of your network. Having a Relationship Marketing and Follow up system is absolutely the MOST IMPORTANT part of building, and growing, your business!