Do you ever look around the room and see a piece of furniture, or something that just doesn’t seem to belong there? Maybe it’s just not facing the right direction, or it needs to be moved to a different place, or maybe even go into a different room. You get up, move it to a new place, and your whole view changes! You can’t believe that one, tiny little shift, that seemingly insignificant change, made such a magnificent difference in your environment!

It’s the same with your life, isn’t it? You get up every morning, have the same general routine, go to the same places, eat the same food, go to the same job, come home to the same house…and so it goes…on and on and on. One day you wake up and think…OK!  I have to make a change!

You don’t think about how much time it might take, or how hard it might be, you just jump in and start moving things around. Sometimes just changing one little thing is all it takes. Sometimes you don’t even have an intention on moving everything, but once you start, and see what a difference it makes, not only visually, but there’s a feeling that you can’t describe, and you just can’t stop!

So many times, people get in a routine and just coast through life, never changing, never growing, never learning anything new. They are pretty easy to spot…they’re usually the ones complaining and whining about something or someone, they never get a break, and they are jealous of people who are successful or moving forward in some way. They just love to find the negative in even the most positive of situations. They love blaming anyone, other than themselves, for anything that goes wrong. They put a strain on friendships because conversations tend to revolve around gossiping and complaining, and eventually all of their positive, happy friends fade away, so they end up alone.

It is inevitable that we will go through times in our lives that are challenging. We have many opportunities where we find ourselves questioning whether or not we can continue to exist in the same environment in which we are currently living. The really cool thing is…we all have a choice! We can stay there, in the dark place, or we can make a change.  Maybe it’s just turning the bed at an angle so you wake up with a different view, or putting the couch along a different wall.  Maybe that red chair just needs to go into another room, or maybe it should just go to the goodwill!

What do you need to rearrange in YOUR life? Maybe you need to make a change in your daily routine….A new career, perhaps? A new environment? What about the people you spend time with? What small change can you make that will give you a different view…a different perspective in your life?

Go out and rearrange YOUR furniture! Start small, then have some fun!  Wake up tomorrow with a new view of the world, of yourself, and your surroundings, and see what a difference it makes!