Is there someone (or several ‘someones’) in your life who never seem to be happy? Who always seem to have a problem? Who always have something negative to say about someone or something?

Let me give you some advice….


I don’t care if they are your best friend, a family member, a business partner…or anyone! “WARNING!!! BEWARE!!! They have a horrible, very contagious, disease!

This might sound funny to you, but I’m completely and utterly serious…do NOT put yourself in a situation, or anywhere near a person who fits this description. I guarantee you that I have been around these types of people. Some had been very good friends. The very sad part is, that I gave these people many chances to change…I tried to help them, and continued to trust them, time after time after time.

It wasn’t until I finally let them go…released them from my life, that I realized that they were the one toxic thing that held me back from becoming the person I wanted to be. Oftentimes, even after I gave them chances, I continued to be a part of their lives, thinking that they would change, but it never happened.

One story was of two ladies whose husbands had left them for other women. It was at the same time that my husband at the time, had left me for my best friend. Of course I was immediately drawn to these two ladies…they were going through exactly the same thing that I was going through. We were all horribly hurt and spent hours plotting our revenge, crying over our loss, and trying desperately to find answers.

After several months had passed, I found myself listening to their continuous negative chatter. It was the same thing, over and over and over again. Most of our conversations seemed to find themselves back to the same topic. The difference this time, was that I had found a journal that I had written during one of my alone times during my marriage. I had been lonely, and unhappy, and I had lost my identity

I began to realize that the only people who were suffering were the three of us! Our ex-husbands were happy and living their lives with no thoughts of us at all. WE were the only ones who were hurting, sad, lonely and conspiring…not them.

My ‘Aha!’ moment was that all of the thoughts, feelings, and negativity was doing me absolutely no good. MY thoughts were putting me in that dark, negative place. I finally figured out that it was up to ME to let it go, move on, find my own identity, and discover my own life of happiness.

Everyone has a choice…to be happy or to be miserable. It’s up to YOU to decide!