I have worked so hard, for so many years, building, what I hope is to become, my legacy.

I own an educational learning center that provides Tutoring, After School programs, an amazing Summer Academy and Camp, and a Private/Homeschool program.  I am so incredibly blessed to have the most amazing person running my business.  The rest of my staff is pretty awesome, too.  They truly care about each and every student who walks through the door. They work long hours, they stay late and spend extra time, often with no pay, because they want to provide the best for their students.  They take care of them when they don’t feel good, they teach them when they’re struggling, they plan incredible programs that teach them life skills, and they show them right from wrong so they will grow up to be awesome adults.

This morning, a father left his daughter with us for our summer camp for the day.  As he walked out of the door to go to work, he turned and said, “Please, take care of my baby.”

Unless you are an entrepreneur, like me, I don’t believe you have any idea how hard we, as business owners, work…and especially, how much we sacrifice….to create what is truly ‘our baby’.

I am an entrepreneur..a business owner. I started my business because I saw a need for parents to have a safe place where kids could learn.  As a single woman with no children of my own, this business truly is my only ‘baby’.  I’ve taken great care of it, sacrificed enormous amount of time, money, sweat, and many, many tears.  I given everything I have, and everything I am, to help it grow into what it is today.  As my business has expanded, I found the need to find someone I could trust to take care of ‘my baby’.

I have hired a lot of wonderful people through the years who have helped me ‘raise’ my ‘baby’.  They have nurtured it and helped it grow.  I appreciate what they gave of themselves to get ‘my baby’ to where it is today.

I finally have a great manager who is becoming a truly great leader, and who I completely trust to continue to raise ‘my baby’.  I know that few business owners are fortunate enough to get to a place where they can say that they found the right person to essentially take their place on a day to day basis. I am proud to say, I believe I have found that person.

Thank you, Ms. Lou, for all you do for me…for the staff…for our students and their families.  But most importantly, thank you for taking good care of ‘my baby’, as I know it has become your ‘baby’, too.  My legacy is now in your hands, and I trust that it will soon become your legacy, too.