I was just listening to my friend, Walt Grassl‘s radio show, ‘Stand Up and Speak Up’.  He interviewed my friend, Mike Wolf of Mike Wolf Mastery.

Both of these guys are truly ‘Living their Dreams’.

Are YOU??  Are YOU living YOUR dream life? If the answer is ‘No’, then why not???  What is stopping you? Do you think you’re not smart enough?  Don’t have enough money? Too old?

Sorry! (insert loud, deep, horn sound here!) Wrong answers! Get those ridiculous excuses out of your head, get off your booty and make it happen!

I just finished reading this incredible book by Brian Tracy…Wow!  Is all I can say…You need to order this book NOW if you have any desire at all to improve your life in any way, shape or form!

I’m over 50 and I’m on the fast track to living my dreams… I challenge you to keep up with me!