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Virtual Live Trainings and Workshops

I’m on Alignable, Now What?

7 Easy Steps to Make Alignable Work for You!

This training is an overview of what Alignable is all about, what makes it different from other platforms, and how to use it effectively to build your Network and your Business.

There will be time for Q & A!

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Create Your Rockstar Profile on Alignable!

Up-level your presence on Alignable with a Rockstar Profile!.

You will walk away with a profile that stands out and will help you get found by your potential customers and referral partners.

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Mastermind with Sue and friends

Learn and Share with other Alignable members

This is a fun, powerful, Mastermind experience with 5 minute Power Seats where you will ask a question and get answers and ideas from your peers, business and marketing experts, and Alignable Rockstars!

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Networking for Introverts

Extroverts invited, too!

Learn simple, fun ways to build your ideal network of people, prospects, influencers and clients, even if you’re an introvert! + Sue’s best secrets, tips on how to network with RESULTS on Alignable.

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How to Write Rockstar Recommendations

Why it’s so important to get it right on Alignable.

Recommendations not only make the person receiving them look great, but the person who writes them can look like a Rockstar, too! 

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Discover Your Ideal Customer Avatar

Why this is KEY to Your Success on Alignable

If you don’t know, and truly understand, everything about your ideal customer, then how can you market to them in a way that speaks to them?
How can you explain to your referral partners exactly who you want to meet, and how and where to find them?

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Tour of Alignable with Jim Setzer

Learn from an Alignable Rockstar!

Learn from business owner, and Alignable Alliance Ambassador of Virginia Beach, Jim Setzer. Jim has quickly found huge success on Alignable and will share his tips and tricks as he walks you through the Alignable platform, sharing how he uses his Premium membership to get new clients consistantly.



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Last Tour Replay

Get Your Alignable Questions Answered!

Ask Questions, Get Feedback 

Have you attended Alignable trainings, but still have questions? This Q & A session is specifically for follow up questions from other Alignable University trainings and workshops and get feedback. 

(If you have specific account questions, please contact



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Fun and Effective One to One Meetings

Building Strong Relationships

Learn from Master networker and Relationship Marketing expert, Cherri Pedrioli, on how to effectively move a new connection from an aquaintance to a friend and powerful referral partner. Find out what questions to ask, how to follow up and stay top of mind, and why it’s so important to be the person others want to connect with.



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New Trainings and Workshops
Coming Soon!

*Hosting Effective Events

*Finding and Keeping Customers

*The Fortune Really is in the Follow-up

*I’m Not a Sales Person!

*Launching Your Business on Alignable

*Affiliate Marketing 101

*Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

*Relationship Marketing Strategies

*Become a Published Author

*Ask Successful Alignable Members Anything


What Our Members Say

“Sue was fantastic! This was my first introduction to Alignable and she really got me excited about the way this platform works it really aligns with my beliefs about what can I do to learn about others businesses and how can I help them. She was very personable, informative, professional and I appreciated that she was on time with the zoom call and had a hand out to follow along for notes as well as finishing in an hour. It made it easy enough to set the time aside. I learned a lot!”

Anna Hopkins

Dash Notary Services

“Sue clearly loves what she does — serving small businesses to help them thrive! I took her course on Networking for Introverts, and it was the best hour spent to learn how to update my online presence, and more. I look forward to taking more courses from Sue!”

Kim Dechert

Kim Dechert Wellness/Midlife Health Coach

“I just got out of a great networking meeting with Sue! In her lively presentation, she shared advantages of networking on Alignable. Her personal stories were engaging and really helped me understand the platform and how it works. Her enthusiasm inspired me to get more involved in the growing Alignable community and she offered some great ways to do this through groups and potentially, Ambassadorship. I’m excited to try some of the ways that she stays connected to people to grow my network. Sue is a real asset to the Alignable community, and I’m so thankful I was able to be part of it today. “

Juli Ocean

Juli Ocean Ghostwriting

“Sue has some great classes out there to help you learn HOW to use Alignable. Actionable things you do immediately to start making a difference. I am so glad I took the time to take your class. “

Kimberly Caldwell

Realtor, Premier Lifestyle Realty