Do you ever get in the “Zone” when you are creating something? The phone rings and you don’t even care who it is, because you are on a roll! The creative juices are flowing… You feel the blood rushing through you and the excitement builds! Ideas are flowing and everything is falling into place… Your heart starts beating faster… More and more ideas are floating to the surface… You feel your face lighting up and you’re smiling…bigger and bigger… The energy is in the air, and in your body…you could explode with excitement! You stop and look at your creation…WOW! You can’t believe this masterpiece came from YOU! I am AWESOME! I am EXTRAORDINARY! I am TALENTED! I am AMAZING! __________________ When is the last time you felt like this? Today? This week? Last month? Last year? You can’t remember? Do yourself a huge favor…Get some paper and a pencil, a hammer and nails, any tools you need to create something that inspires you. Sit down and start creating. Write, draw, build…whatever your heart desires. It doesn’t matter how small it is…just create something! When you’re finished, just take a few minutes to revel in the creation that derived from your imagination. How does it make you feel? A sense of accomplishment, perhaps? Are you surprised with what you created? Does it make you want to do more or expand on what you’ve already done? Did you forget about the struggles in your life or negative thoughts that were occupying your mind? Astonishing, isn’t it? How one tiny little activity can change everything…especially how you’re feeling, both in your body and in your mind? I challenge you to create something new every single day. It will make all the difference…physically, mentally, and emotionally… HAVE FUN CREATING!