It is amazing what happens to your mind, and your attitude, when you make the time to learn new stuff!  Things like…go to seminars, read, meet (and get to know) new people, or mastermind with others on the same mission as you.

I have spent a lot of time, especially this past year, learning and building relationships that are outside of my ‘bubble’. I enjoy going to workshops and seminars to learn about new opportunities or get new ideas…I even joined an amazing Mastermind group which has given me a whole new group of friends, advisers, and mentors. I love to drive, so I am constantly listening to inspirational and motivating audio books, even when I just have to run to the store, or run errands.  I attend various networking events and even started a Toastmasters club to help me learn the skills to become a better speaker and leader.

What do most people do? Watch TV, listen to the news (yikes…what is THAT filling your brain with?!), or just do absolutely nothing…play the ‘woe is me’ violin, blame others for their misfortune, and stay exactly where they are in life until they die.

Just changing a few little habits; deciding to create the time to learn new things, choosing to spend time with positive people, eliminating anything negative, and choosing to be happy, will just add more purpose, and felicity, to your soul.  For me, it has been a time of incredible growth, both personally and professionally, and it’s starting to become like a ‘drug’!  I can’t seem to get enough!

Many of us pay tuition for College to earn a degree, but we don’t realize that it might be really beneficial to continue learning…fill our noggins with ‘real life’ and ‘real business’ stuff that will help us improve our lives, and our financial well-being.  With the infinite number of resources available online, you can literally find ANYTHING to learn, or to enrich what you already know. What is your passion? I know there is something you’ve always wanted to do, or learn. Go out and find something new to inspire, and re-energize your soul…you won’t regret it!



For more information about the Mastermind group I’m involved with, join me at the RockStar Marketing Bootcamp on March 12-14 in Los Angeles.  It’s not all about Marketing either…You’ll learn how YOU can be a RockStar in your life…and the best’ll meet some amazing, positive, people. (and some rock stars, and movie stars, too!)

Sue Brooke

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