I really can’t stand seeing entrepreneurs struggling, small businesses going out of business after putting their heart and soul into their dream, and people working in jobs they hate. It doesn’t have to be this way! I have been an entrepreneur since I opened my first business, a ballroom dance studio, when I was 22 years old. I’ve started several small businesses, ran my (now ex) husband’s music production and publishing company, and of course, started my educational learning center out of my living room and grew it into a successful 4,600 sf educational learning center that I sold about a year ago. I have found that I have a gift… I can spend just 1 hour with anyone who: • Wants to start a business, • Is in a business that’s not making the profit they should be making, • Is in a network marketing-type business and is struggling to figure out how to be ‘different’ from everyone else doing the same thing, • Is in a highly competitive, or commission-based industry, like Real Estate, who needs additional streams of income, • Just needs ideas to start or grow their business, get more clients, and.or add more income streams In 1 hour, I guarantee that I can give you at least one million-dollar idea to make more money in your business. Really! I guess you could say I’m ‘Intuitive’ or even ‘psychic’ when it comes to business and marketing ideas. I’m looking for entrepreneurs who are serious about making the changes necessary to get what they want in their business and in their life… You will meet me in person, or on an online video chat, or phone, for up to 1 hour…You don’t even have to pay me anything…It’s FREE… Really! Then if you want to keep working with me…well, we’ll talk! Schedule your FREE Innovative Idea Brainstorming/ Strategy Session Now! Schedule Time With Sue