Is anyone ever really completely happy with their life?

nope…no one is.  at least not anyone i know..except my friend, Carol.

Carol wasn’t always happy with her life, well…she thought she was, until she made a decision to make a major life change.  At first it was really scary, and actually kind of sad, but it all turned out to be the best decision she could have made.

Carol was a small business owner. She started her business because she was really good at what she did.  She was a successful make up artist.

Her studio was beautiful, and very successful!  Her business grew and she had several employees, and had even grown into a bigger location.  This is when things started getting…let’s say…a little stressful.

Higher rent, higher utilities, more staff, higher payroll taxes…all leading to more hours of work (if that was even possible) and more headaches.  Ah, the life of a small business owner who loved her trade, and just wanted to share her passion with the world and make people look pretty and feel happy.

This story is very common. I’m one of those people who live and breathe their business because we want to help people and  ‘change the world’.  It’s a tough job…It’s a stressful job…and it’s an expensive job.

Most small business owners put everything they have into their business.  Most pay everyone else before they pay themselves.  Most haven’t had a real day off, let alone an actual ‘vacation’ in a very long time.  Our excuse? We just LOVE what we do!  We are ‘business owners’ and people look up to us! It’s not work, it’s our life!

Uh, maybe in the beginning, but things can change fast! When we decided to create a business for ourselves, what we really did is just create another job that required many more hours and way less money! What were we thinking??? When we had a ‘real job’, we went to work, then when we clocked out, it was our free time. Free time? What’s that when you’re a business owner?  There’s no such thing!

Now, back to Carol…

Carol woke up one day and said, “I’m done…I’m shutting down my business.” She told her staff and told her clients and she just shut the door.  Yes, it was sad and depressing…she had gone into debt to create a beautiful business for herself, but she realized that life was passing her by.  She was responsible for so many other people’s lives, and taking care of them, but not herself.

Now she is going back to what she loves, has her own clients, her own ‘office’, and finally…her own ‘life’.

If you’re an aspiring small business owner, I definitely don’t want to  dissuade you from living your dream.  I do, however, want you to take time to learn the RIGHT way to start, and run, a business.  I, ilke Carol, started my business because I happened to be a really good teacher. The problem?  I wasn’t great at all the ‘business’ part…bookkeeping, systems, marketing, etc.

I absolutely LOVE owning my own business.  I have put my heart and soul, along with every penny I have, into it.  I’ve made a ton of mistakes, but luckily I’ve learned from them. I could have never learned this stuff in college!

Please…don’t give up your dreams!  Just get a mentor, a consultant, a coach, whoever you trust to help you plan, and make decisions on how to do it RIGHT.  Good luck, Dream BIG, and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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