People are weird…Especially girls.  I know, I know, I’m one of ‘them’, but somehow I think I missed some of the ‘weird’ genes in some parts of my DNA….or, maybe they died in my car crash.  Regardless, I’m talking about the selfish thing that makes girls think others are thinking about them all the time!

I just found out that another girl is convinced that I am out to make her life a living hell.  Apparently, she thinks that I sit around all day long plotting and scheming about different ways to ruin her life.  I haven’t thought about this girl in years and I couldn’t care less what she’s doing or thinking, who she’s with, or what she ate for dinner!

So, I’m not saying that at one time…years ago…after this girl did some pretty horrible things to me, that I didn’t want revenge and didn’t spend time trying to figure out ways to make her feel the pain that she inflicted on me.  But that was many years ago (I was much younger, and stupider, then!)

I had friends who wanted to ‘protect’ me, I guess. They had their own issues with other people, so I found myself sitting around with them, crying and complaining about how they hurt us. We spent endless hours letting the cancer of those negative thoughts and feelings take over our lives.

One day, I guess I just woke up.  I didn’t want to spend one more second worrying, crying, bitching, and moaning about how much my life sucked because of someone who couldn’t care less about me.  And, the biggest realization of all, was that the other person was just living her life, having fun and not thinking about me for one second! I was the only one hurting myself by stressing over stupid things that weren’t serving any purpose in my life whatsoever!

I am definitely one of the biggest dorks, but I can laugh at myself and will be the first to point out my ‘weirdness’ before anyone else can!  It’s fun to be weird…just not weird know, stupid weird?   Ya know what I’m trying to say?