So we’ve all had someone rub us the wrong way. Someone who has either done or said something that hurt us, hurt our feelings, or took advantage of us. The sad part is that oftentimes it consumes us, consumes what we think about, and if we let it continue, will slowly start eating us alive.

Why does this happen? I believe that it means that you must be a caring, sensitive person who really does care about what other people think. It makes you a good human.  If you weren’t then would you even think twice about it?

How do you stop letting it bother you? That is the tricky part! First, you need to look at yourself and own the truth. Understand that there are people in the world who, when faced with something they did wrong, have such low self-esteem that it’s easier for them to turn it around and put the blame and focus on someone else. In reality, they know they did something that caused pain, and rather than owning it and apologizing, it’s much easier (and less painful), for them to turn the blame on the other person.

If this person is close to you, and you know them well enough to sit down and tell them how you’re feeling, you may be able to smooth things over and squeeze out an apology, or at least help them understand and work things out. Unfortunately, you may have to accept that there are people in the world who feed off of negativity and, as much as you want to help them, they may take offense to it and make things worse.

You control your thoughts and you get to decide what you are going to focus on. Remember, that you are only hurting yourself when you let those negative thoughts and emotions take over. As one of my friends used to say…”When something, or someone, negative enters your mind, just stand up, swipe your hands down and out and brush away all of the negative energy. Then swoosh your hands down and up toward your body, bringing in only positive, happy vibrations!”  You can also think of it as a little ugly bug that’s sitting on your shoulder that you can just flick off and out of site. Just say to yourself, “Goodbye! I refuse to let you occupy my precious time today!”

“What You Think About, You Attract”…What do YOU want to attract today?’