Being a business owner is a challenge, especially when it comes to relationships. Friendships often suffer because the entrepreneur expects his/her friend who has the proverbial ‘9 to 5’ job to be a available during those hours. The friend, who has the ‘real’ job, gets frustrated because he/she is at work in order to pay the bills and his/her entrepreneur friend doesn’t understand why! They think, “Why would anyone want to be in a job they hate, even though it pays the bills?”  Hmmm…maybe because when they leave, they leave everything behind until the next morning, or after a restful weekend? Something for the entrepreneur to think about!

When they do find time to spend together, the entrepreneur tends to talk a lot about his/her business and ends up driving the other friend crazy!  The entrepreneur loves to preach about how easy it is to start a business and get out of working for someone else.  They conveniently ignore how many hours they put in every day, and especially how much money they put into the business just to keep it afloat!  It’s a cake-walk, right?   Ha!

There are many times when each of them secretly longs to be in the other person’s shoes…grass is always greener, right?

When it comes to dating/marriage, the same is often true, but oftentimes much worse! The partner expects the entrepreneur to come home at a decent hour, they don’t understand why he/she is rarely available and seems to always be running off to those ‘networking’ meetings, chamber mixers, business lunches and client meetings. On the other hand, the entrepreneur wonders why his/her partner is so ‘needy’! Always wanting attention and never seems to have anything of their own going on after they get off work or on the weekends!  t’s just an endless battle!

Professional, single entrepreneurs normally find it difficult to cultivate friendships and be successful in the dating world. They just want to meet and find like-minded friends who really understand and accept their entrepreneurial lifestyle.They tend to be single for much longer periods of time because it’s hard to find friends and partners who understand the world of owning a business.

What is the answer? Bottom line is, everyone is different.  Some people enjoy just going to work, doing their mindless job, and leaving it all at the office so they can go home and enjoy their family and friends.  They don’t have to spend a second thinking about how the business is doing, if it’s profitable, or if there’s enough money coming in to make payroll!

Entrepreneurs are a completely different species! They love the thrill of not knowing what’s coming down the pike, or what they’re going to be doing every second.  The thrill of the unknown, the adrenalin rush from businesses successes and failures….it’s all a part of the game! The ups and downs just keep life interesting!

Employee or an Entrepreneur? We need both in our world, so neither way is the ‘right’ way to go… You have to choose what you want your lifestyle to be.  Just know that the people you hang out with will have to understand, and accept, your lifestyle.  You can’t argue with either one, so just make your choice and shut up!  Or..better yet, hang out with other people who are just like you!