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New Business?

One of the biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs make is jumping in to a new business without a clear strategy. Investing in the right tools and resources is essential! Let’s get your business started right!

Feeling Stuck?

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, stressful, and a lot of hard work.  Let’s go back to the basics and look at your business with new eyes…It usually just takes a few ‘tweaks’ and support from coaches and your peers to get re-energized and re-focused.

Who Are You?

Do people know who you are? Is it easy for people to find you online? Once they find you, is it clear to your audience who you are and what you ‘do’?  Let’s look at your overall online presence and make it easy for people to know, like, and trust you before they even meet you!

My Approach

I believe that everyone is unique…there are no ‘one size fits all’ coaching programs.  Let’s get to know each other, find out what you need the most help with first, then go from there. I want you to begin feeling success right from the start, so we will make a plan for what makes the most sense and begin there. I am all about having FUN and enjoying the journey! I’m so excited to meet you, and share the journey together!

I understand how hard it is to grow your business all by yourself. I did it at 44 with no money in the bank after a divorce and horrific car accident. I’m not going say it was easy…far from it! I made a lot of mistakes, and spent a lot of time and money on things that I shouldn’t have. If I can take a little of the pain away, or help you avoid it all together, I’ve done my job!

Why Coaching?

I have started many businesses throughout the years and never had a ‘coach’. In fact, I didn’t even know they existed until I  moved to Southern California and started my Tutoring business out of my house. After 10 years of doing it all on my own, I was tired, stressed, and ready to give up.

When I finally made the jump to hiring a coach and business advisor, and joining a Mastermind group, my business jumped to a whole new leve

Sue Brooke

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Sue is a dynamic innovator and creative marketing genius. Her mind works so quickly that when she talks you should record what she says or you will miss half of it. She has great marketing intuition and can give you new perspectives on everything you are already doing to grow your business and make more money. I highly recommend her for small business innovation, production, new start ups and all around marketing ideas. She is also really fun to be around while she teaches social media techniques and website optimization. She is a “Get-it-Done Motivator!”

Susan Sheppard

Relationship Expert, Getting What You Want

How it Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Let’s get to know each other! I’m so excited to meet you and hear your ‘story’ and learn why you started your business. No pressure, no obligation, let’s just meet and have fun learning about each other. 🙂

Choose a Coaching Plan

Not everyone has the same challenges, or the same needs, so let’s create a personalized plan just for you!

Join a Mastermind!

Being a part of a Mastermind group is, by far, one of the most powerful and life-changing investment you could ever make for your business.