Happy New Year!  This is THE YEAR!

Don’t you love it when people say that?  Year after year we wait until the first day of the new year, to ‘start over’, or vow to start something new.  I read an interesting blog post the other day that talked about the awful word ‘AFTER’.  We’ll be happy ‘after’ something happens, after we lose  weight, after we get a better job, after we get out of debt, after we…(enter endless number of excuses here)

I have a challenge for you…Why don’t we all vow to be happy right now!  A friend told me once to try something different while driving to the office.  I always find myself thinking about what I have to do, or what I should have done, or think about past relationships, or mistakes I’ve made…Anything but what is happening around me.

The next time you go out of the house and drive somewhere, look around you…notice everything! Read signs, look at people, look at the sky…take it all in!  It’s amazing how living in the ‘Now’, and being present and aware of everything happening at that very moment, will give you ‘signs’ all day long!

Write what you saw and what captured your attention.  The Universe just might be telling you something you need to hear!

This works great, too, when you find yourself having a pity party…we all have them at one time or another (some more than others). Get up off your booty, walk outside, go for a walk or a drive, and just look around, look up, see what you can see…you just might be surprised at what you find!