So often we go through life being the person you either were told to be, or the person you think you should be.  It could be what you perceive due to your childhood, your culture, or because of the values your family, or your peers, instill in you.

Back in my hometown in Nebraska, I fondly call ‘Mayberry’, I remember being videotaped at the end of my senior year.  We were asked what our life would look like in 10 years.  I vividly remember saying, “I’ll be a teacher, married, with two kids, living in a small town.”  The funny thing is, I remember thinking, this what I was supposed to say.  That was what was expected from the people who grew up there. The choices were to either go to college, get married, or take over your family business, which in the middle of the cornfields, was usually their farm.

Fast forward, I’m living in California, own my own business, and planning my ‘pivot’ to become an author and speaker… inspiring people to step out of the box, out of their comfort zone, and be and do something they may have never thought possible!

Now, it’s never easy to make a life change.  The biggest obstacle is usually other people telling you that you’re crazy!  Personally, I take that as a challenge…I’m determined to prove them wrong and show them that I’m as crazy as they come, so they better step aside and watch me take the bull by the horns and achieve the impossible!