About Sue

 Sue Brooke is a Professional Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Best Selling Author, Business and Marketing Strategist, and Relationship Marketing and Networking Expert.

Sue brings a plethora of valuable knowledge and resources from 30+ years of working side-by-side with business and marketing influencers, starting and growing businesses, coaching, and training entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs, and customer service and sales professionals.

She is a serial entrepreneur, having founded successful businesses by mastering the art of building relationships and providing outstanding value to her clients. Sue is passionate about sharing her extensive knowledge, expertise, and marketing resources, and loves finding the best tools and resources to help entrepreneurs and businesses save time, make more money, and help more people!


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Please contact Sue to set up a free business and marketing strategy session for your unique business. Find out about her relationship building, referral generating, customer retention, follow-up system, as well as an augmented reality marketing tool that will have people wanting to know who you are, what you do, and how they can work with you!

Sue is available to speak and train on a variety of topics from Motivation and Inspiration, to Business and Marketing including; Relationship Building, Networking Skills, Marketing Strategy, Customer Service, Sales Training.