Building Relationships


for Introverts

Sue Brooke moved to Sonoma County after meeting a sister through Ancestry DNA! She is going to share with you how she, as an introvert herself, created a fun, easy networking system, which helped her build a tribe of Raving Fans in just a few short months after moving to a new community, how she gets new business and referrals consistently, and how she builds her businesses purely by building relationships.

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Here is a great page where you can find interviews with some very successful entrepreneurs in a variety of industries who use Relationship (aka ‘Crockpot’) Marketing to grow referral-based businesses.

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Customer service and appreciation go hand in hand, however, most businesses and salespeople don’t stop to think about the appreciation part of customer service… Kody’s guest is Jay McHugh, Co-Owner and CAO at LAER Realty Partners and author of “How to Sell Your Home for More Money”. Jay has over 30 years experience as a Realtor assisting over 1000 families in the Greater Boston area serving on many boards and volunteer groups throughout the years. Jay coaches and trains his own and other Realtors on how to 10x their business with relationship marketing and incorporating the habit of appreciation as the cornerstone of their customer service. His favorite training starts with a quote: “It’s not the cost of sending the cards that is expensive; it is the cost of not sending the cards that is expensive” Jay McHugh. Customer Service Strategy To Increase Customer Loyalty